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Sybil Andrews

Sybil Andrews is primarily known for her dynamic, modernist colour linocut prints. Trained in England, she began working in linocuts in the mid-1920s and exhibited regularly until 1939. She came to Canada in 1947, settling in Campbell River, British Columbia. The collection includes all of her famous colour linocuts and the original linoleum blocks, paintings in oil and watercolour, drawings, drypoint etchings, sketchbooks, and personal papers. Andrews' generosity has allowed Glenbow to become the major study centre for her life and work.

Sybil Andrews Highlights

Henry George Glyde

Throughout his long career as an artist and teacher in Calgary, Banff, and Edmonton, English born and educated Henry G. Glyde was a key player in the development of art in Alberta over a 30-year period starting in 1935. Glenbow Museum has 820 works by Glyde, making it the most important centre in Canada for the research of his life and work.

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Laurence Hyde

From the 1920s until the 1940s, Laurence Hyde made wood engravings for illustrated books in which stories are told entirely in pictures. In stark black and white, Hyde's precise, stylized block prints are simple, elegant, and powerful. With 162 works, Glenbow Museum has the largest Hyde collection in Canada, which includes drawings, studies, books, and wood engravings.

Laurence Hyde Highlights

Walter J. Phillips

Walter J. Phillips was internationally acclaimed during his lifetime for his proficiency in the medium of the colour woodcut derived from the Japanese method. Through the skilful superimposition of many layers of transparent water-based inks, he created images of great beauty, subtlety, and depth. Glenbow's Phillips collection is the best in Canada with original print blocks (including a large number of complete colour sets), sketchbooks, drawings, watercolours, and prints.

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Carl Rungius

Active in the first half of the twentieth century, Carl Rungius established a reputation as the most important painter of big game and the first career wildlife artist in North America. In 1959, Glenbow founder Eric Harvie purchased the entire Rungius estate including paintings, sketches, photographs, personal belongings and mementos, and the entire contents of his Banff and New York studios. This huge collection makes Glenbow Museum the premier research centre in the world for Rungius scholars.

Carl Rungius Highlights

Margaret Shelton

In watercolour and in block prints in black and white and colour, Margaret Shelton expressed the diversity and the beauty of Alberta's land and cities. Although directness, simplicity, and clarity are characteristic features of her style, her expression reveals her passion for the region. Glenbow has an extensive collection of close to 400 works by Shelton.

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Prints and Drawings

Glenbow Museum's collection of almost 5,000 drawings and 7,000 prints can be traced to its founder, Eric Harvie, who purchased hundreds of works by W.J. Phillips in 1960. Groundbreaking research and a series of original exhibitions at Glenbow in the 1980s led to substantial donations of works by Margaret Shelton, Sybil Andrews, Laurence Hyde, H.G. Glyde, and the strategic purchase of works by many important Canadian printmakers.

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Ledger Drawings

The term "ledger drawing" refers to the Indian agent's accountant's paper or ledger on which drawings by First Nations artists were done from the 1870s to the 1900s. They are important as the earliest works on paper by First Nations artists. Glenbow Museum's collection of 56 ledger drawings is one of the largest and most significant of its kind in Canada.

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